Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Look mom, no training wheels!"

Today was a big day for Lizzy. She taught herself how to ride her bike without trainging wheels. Yeah!!!!! That's a big thing for a 6 year old. If she had to wait for me to teach her, she'd be an old lady. Haha!!! She taught herself in about 10-15 minutes. She rocks!! She was so proud of herself, and had so much fun speeding around. She was turning beautifully all by herslef. She thought she was so skilled that she decided she could wave and ride her bike at the same time. Didn't go over so well. She kinda fell down. Luckily she didn't get hurt! She needed a little help from me getting up, and then she was off with both hands on the handlebars at all time.
After Lizzy had been riding around for awhile with our neighbors, her friend Collin said he wanted to try and ride his bike without his traing wheels too. Nothin' like a girl doing something first to get a guy motivated. lol!! So, I took his wheels off, traing wheels that is, and in about 15-20minutes he was off. He and Lizzy had lots of fun together. Now they feel like big kids.
Now I need to get Payson a bike so he can teach himself too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big 15


Today was my oldest baby's birthday. That's right, the big 15. WOW!!! Time sure does go by fast. It was just yesterday I was holding my baby boy in my arms. Now I couldn't if I tried. He's a little too big now. He's grown up to be such a wonderful young man. I love to watch him grow. Eventhough it's happening a little too fast.
Devin and I went out to lunch together at Applebees. It was nice to visit with him. We had to eat fast because I needed to hurry and make it to Ashley's maze days at the junior high to get all the things done for 7th grade. Yes, she's in 7th grade this year. I had fun with her, running around crazy going to all of the different stations we needed to visit. It was nice to get a visit in with her one on one.
I came home at about 2:30p.m. to pick up Devin and take him to football practice. After dropping him off I came home to pick up my kids from my neighbor Sondra, who watched them for me almost all day, but ended up taking Ashley with my to costco instead. I love you Sondra!! Thanks for all of your help. She also had taken my 3 youngest to Ardenwood farms in the morning to meet up with some of our other friends. What a saint! After I returned from Costco, I had Sondra send my kids and hers over to play for a little while so she could get a little relaxation time in for herself. That was the least I could do for all she did for me. I made dinner for my youngest 4 and was off at about 6:50p.m to go to a parents meeting for football. After that was over, Devin and I rushed home so he could eat dinner, shower, have cake and ice cream with our family, open his presents, and then run off to go bowling until 12:00a.m with some of his friends. So, here I am trying to stay awake while I wait for him to get home.
All in all it was a great day. I got to do a little more running around than I did this time 15 years ago.
Devin was happy because he finally got a new cell phone. He's been asking for one for a long time now. He was very surprised.
Happy Birthday Devin.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Utah adventure

I guess it's been some time since my last post. Been busy with summer! I was going so strong at first too. I'll try and do better.
I got back from Utah on Sunday, after being there 6 days all by myself. I went there to be a support to a brother of mine who was trying to get custody of his 5 kids, but things didn't go his way. It was hard to see him go though that.
After all of that, I got to spend time with some of my other siblings. I stayed with my oldest brother A.J. and his wonderful wife Shelly. Thanks guys for such great hopitality!!! They always pamper me. I got to go shopping with Shelly, get a manicure and pedicure, and play lots of games with her, my niece Felicia, and A.J. I went to the Salt Lake Temple with my oldest sister Leigha, and out to lunch after. We had a nice visit. I went out to my brother Jared's house to see his new addition to his house and visit with he and his wife Pam, and I got to go four wheeling at night with them. On Saturday I got to go tubing down the Provo river with A.J., Shelly, Leigha and her husband Wade. It was a lot of fun, and very beautiful. I got a couple owiees on my arm from paddeling with my flip flops to keep me away from the sides of the river. Now my arms are all scabbed up on the inside of my elbows. It was worth it though. I got to eat out a lot too.
I had so much fun not having to do my normal mothering, cleaning, and cooking. I need to do that more often!! :D We shall see about that.
My kids were well taken care of. Bruce stayed home on Wednesday to be with the kids. My parents flew back in from Utah Wed. night and took the youngest 3 to stay with them until Friday afternoon. Ashley and Devin went to stay with the Westover family, who are in our ward and have a daughter that is 1 day younger than Ashley, and a son that is a couple years younger than Devin, until Friday. On Saturday Bruce took the kids to have some fun at Quarry Lakes for the day, and then came home and made them a yummy dinner. They always have fun when I'm not home.
It is good to be home with all of my babies and my honey!! I did miss them, eventhough I had a nice time. Now I'm back to reality. Cleaning house, cooking, and running the kids around. Now I'm getting ready for the kids to go back to school. I am not looking forward to getting up early. 4:50a.m comes way to quickly!!! I'll enjoy my sleeping in time while it lasts!! :0

Monday, August 4, 2008

Out of the mouth of Babes

So this morning I was saying goodbye to Bruce and Payson came to the door with me. Bruce said to Payson "what's in your mouth?" payson said "nothing", bruce "what's in your hand" puase........payson"the key to Ashley's diarhea." Way to start out my morning. How funny is that. I got a good kick out of it.
I also had a friend of mine come over with her 3 kids. We havn't seen eachother in about 2 years. It was fun to visit with her. Devin and her oldest son are 2 weeks apart and have been friends since birth. She also has a daughter that is 2 weeks older than Ashley, and her youngest is a year older than Lizzy. My friend Rachel and I left all the kids at my house and headed off to the mall for some girl time. It was fun! It's nice to catch up with old friends. We've been friends since 1st grade.
I wasn't very productive with house work today. I'm sure it'll be there for me tommorow!! Darn it! I'm still waiting for the day when things stay clean after you do them. Maybe not in this lifetime. I guess I'll just keep workin' my little fingers to the bone.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday Bash

So I'm done with Celeste's birthday now. We had her friends over tonight to have cake and ice cream, open presents, watch a movie(College Road Trip),eat lots of goodies, paint nails, and I staightend one of the girls hair. Again... I'm slackin' on the picture thing. Luckily Ashley took some of Celeste opening her presents. I usually get a picture of all that attend the birthday party, but missed it this time! Dang it! My mind is going, going....ah heck, it's gone. So my poor middle child will never believe that I actually gave her birthday parties. :{ Whatever will I do. Maybe one of these years I'll get it right. My poor Celeste. I'm glad she puts up with me! She had a lot of fun having some girl time. Until the next birthday next month. I'm beat!! I think I'm gonna go and get some much needed sleep. I have a meeting bright and early, on a Saturday morning. Who came up with such torture anyway?! :0 Ahhhhh!!!! Nighty night.