Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bruce's birthday!

Yesterday, September 22, was my sweet husbands birthday. I won't post his age, in fear he'll put bugs in my food or something! :} Of course being a Monday, he had to go to work, but he did come home and we were able to have lunch together. Nothing super exciting! I did make him his favorite dinner. Chicken enchiladas, and we had his favorite dessert, banana cream pie. Yummy! Thier were a couple kinks in his day that sucked, but all in all I think he had a good day. He's the best!! Happy birthday sweetie.

September 22 is also the Autumnal Equinox. My father in law called my and told me to try and stand an egg on its end. Normally you can't do this, but because the sun is directly over the equator, you can actually make an egg stand on its end. I took some pictures to prove it.

Pretty cool ha?!! One of my eggs are still standing. I'm waiting to find out how long this equinox lasts.

Monday, September 15, 2008

First game of the season

In case you're wondering where Devin is, he is #36. This was his first real game. He didn't have his best game though. He was dealing with an injury that happened earlier in the week at practice. His injury was worse after a hit he recieved in the 3rd quarter. He was in so much pain, but wanted so badly to be out on the field helping his team.

His team, the Eagles was doing pretty good, considering all the penalties they got, until the 2nd half of the 3rd quarter. The teams were tied 6-6, and then all of the sudden, they started getting killed. The final score was 23-6. Ouch! Devin plays on the offense in a couple different positions, and on the defense, and the kick off team, and the punt return team. The boy doesn't get much of a break. He loves to play. I'm kinda hoping he doesn't play this week, because they're going in to downtown Oakland on Friday, and I want him to live to see his 16th birthday next year. I'm not sure I want to go and watch.

Here they are getting ready for the kick off. Dev. is 3rd man in from the far side.

Devin is being seen by a sports Dr. so hopefully we'll get him back to normal in no time. He really enjoyed getting his back adjusted, and laying down with heat on his back, and the deep tissue massage he got on his neck and shoulders. He almost fell asleep. I should've gotten a picture of that.

Devin is on the other side of 34 trying to hold him back. Go Devin!

Devin got to come out for a little break finally. Few!! Hangin' with his buddies.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Day of School

Payson's first day of school was on Tuesday the 2nd of September. He is growing up so fast. He is having fun playing blocks with his friend Brandon, who is also our neighbor. They had no problem being left to play together. Payson is having a lot of fun so far, as of his second day. He loves to dress up in the fireman outfits they have at the school. I'll have to get a picture of him in it one of these days.

What a handsome little guy he is. Gotta love that sweet little face.
The rest of the gang started school today, the 3rd of September. Devin was excited as ever, and the girls were a little anxious.
Devin started his day at 5 a.m when I woke him up to get ready for seminary. Actually, when I went in to wake him up, he had already been awake for about 5 minutes. While we were down in the kitchen, me cleaning up and him eating, Ashley came strolling down the stairs at about 5:25. I think she was a little excited! I was then off to take Devin to seminary at about 5:45. When I got home at about 6:05, I got ready to go on a bike ride with Bruce. Before I left, Celeste came down stairs. So off I went, to go try and work my butt off! Yes I'm crazy!!:D So I left the girls to get themselves ready for school. Bruce and I were gone for about an hour, and road a little over 8 miles. Ruff for me, but Bruce said his heart rate wasn't even elevated at all. What a brat. So we got home a little after 7 and by that time Lizzy was up and getting ready for school. It was one crazy morning for sure. Trying to get 3 girls ready for school in the morning is hard work. Boys are much easier!!!!!!! Especially
when they're 15. Bruce took Ashley to school at about 7:35, and I took Celeste and Lizzy at about 8:15. At 8:45, it was just me and Payson. I took Payson and our neighbor Brandon to school at 12:30, and then drove back to the elementary school to pick up Lizzy and Celeste at 1:15(early day for them.) After I got them we went to the mall to return some school clothes that didn't work out, and exchange some items. I treated Lizzy and Celeste to some Cold Stone ice cream. Very yummy on a hot day! After we were don there we went to pick up Payson at 3:15, and then Ashley from her friends house, and then HOME! Few! I still need to pick Devin up from football practice around 5 or 6. I think I'm suppose to make dinner somewhere in there too. I'm ready for BED! So, that was our day in a nut shell. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow, minus the mall, but possibly some other errands. Ahhhhh...what a wonderful life. I'm just afraid I'm gonna forget someone at some point in time. My brain is way on overload. 1 day down, and I don't want to think of how many more I have to go. We'll just have to take it 1 day at a time.