Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bruce's birthday!

Yesterday, September 22, was my sweet husbands birthday. I won't post his age, in fear he'll put bugs in my food or something! :} Of course being a Monday, he had to go to work, but he did come home and we were able to have lunch together. Nothing super exciting! I did make him his favorite dinner. Chicken enchiladas, and we had his favorite dessert, banana cream pie. Yummy! Thier were a couple kinks in his day that sucked, but all in all I think he had a good day. He's the best!! Happy birthday sweetie.

September 22 is also the Autumnal Equinox. My father in law called my and told me to try and stand an egg on its end. Normally you can't do this, but because the sun is directly over the equator, you can actually make an egg stand on its end. I took some pictures to prove it.

Pretty cool ha?!! One of my eggs are still standing. I'm waiting to find out how long this equinox lasts.


Steph Brackett said...

So is he like 40 something now? I can't believe how old we all are getting. Really sad. Hope you had a great birthday Bruce! PS. I tried the egg thing and could not get it to work.... boo hoo.

whirlygig said...


Way to go with the eggs. One of ours got knocked over yesterday but two are still standing.

I took a 6 pack of eggs to Brianna's teacher but she said she wasn't able to get one to stand. It takes a gentle touch and some patience.

Holly said...

Finally a blog! Hey Bruce - Happy Birthday Old Man!!! Just kidding - you guys look great - and I can't believe how time flies...

We miss you guys!