Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My addiction

I know I havn't been keeping up on my blogging. Sorry! I've found something that I've become addicted to. Facebook. I can't seem to pull myself away from it. My computer is constantly calling me. I've had fun reconnecting with old friends, and keeping up with the new. Like I needed another distraction in my life! :D

Our family is doing well. We are in full swing with school, and all that comes with it. Bruce started back to school last week. He has 1 year left until he gets his B.A., that is, if all goes well. He seems to be enjoying his classes so far. His brain is in overload with all that he is trying to juggle. Work, school, scout master, dad, husband, and football coach. He's a great man! That's why I married him. Luckily we have our morning rides together, otherwise I'd never see him.
I took some pictures while on one of our morning rides, to share some of the beauty I get to enjoy. Hope all enjoy them as much as I do. The pics. aren't the best quality, but they get the point across.


The Bertagnoles said...

How beautiful!! I would love morning rides like that if we were able to see that kind of scenery!! Um, for the record, we are addicted to facebook, too. Well have to add you as a friend. :}

Christina said...

hey fun to catch up and see photos of your kids! HOLY COW everyone is so big now!!!
ive had a blog for 3 years sucked holly & linda into it! HA
im now a facebook junkie though--too hard to read everyones blog and keep up with my own--i'll go look for you on fb!

Holly said...

Great photos! You guys have been cycling!? Good for you - you can get your blog over to FB you know - .....