Thursday, October 9, 2008

Devin advances

Last week on 10-1-08, Devin advanced to life. He is now working his way towards getting his eagle. We are so proud of all he does. It take a lot of work!

He's getting ready to put my pin on me.

Not a great picture. The photographer wasn't familiar with my camera. It's the only picture I have of us together that night. You get the point.
He's taller than me still and I'm wearing my heels.


CJSquires said...

Ohhhhh, how I can only IMAGINE the work he (and you and Bruce) have put in! We have just begun and are Cub Scout Wolves Woooeeeee!!

Holly said...

So cute! Love it - he's definitely growing! Go Devin!

Facebook is fun but it's too busy for me - I have a lot on it as you've probably noticed - but mostly because I hooked up with all my HS friends. So I check it every other day of so